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With reference to your recent request, we would like to submit
the following quotation for your consideration.
1 Only New TOS CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
       Model WHN 110
       (with Heidenhain TNC 426 P)
  Complete with standard equipment, operating on 575/3/60 electrical
supply and equipped with "HEIDENHAIN" TNC 426P, 5+1 axes
contouring control.
  The WHN110 is a CNC Horizontal Boring Mill with a T-Type bed design.
Equipped with the new HEIDENHAIN TNC 426P contouring control, the machine
is intended for precision drilling, milling and boring operations. Also
available in optional travel sizes, with automatic tool changer and
automatic pallet changer.
-SIEMENS 37 kW (50 HP) AC Main motor
-SIEMENS digital servomotors
-HEIDENHAIN scales or encoders (ROD700 for table positioning)
-Spindle chiller unit
-Hardened and precision ground spindle with ISO 50 taper
-Re-circulating ball screws on all linear axes
-Hydraulic operated tool clamping
-Automatic hydraulic locking of rotary table
-Linear axes operating in permanent position loop
-All guideways and rotary table slide surfaces covered with low friction
TURCITE liners, column slide guideways are combined with roller packs
-Linear roller packs used for pretension of slides on main linear axes
-Column and bed guideways lined with hardened steel strip inserts and
protected by sliding telescopic guards
-Automatic lubrication of all axes
-Automatic spindle air blast
-Conduflex cable carriers
-Programmable Logic Controller (part of CNC)
-Diagnostics of machine and operators errors (text messages)
-Auxiliary operator panel with 6m cable
-Wide range of auxiliary "M" functions
* 5 controllable axes plus spindle positioning
* 4 linear axes (X,Y,Z,W) positioning in 0.001mm or 0.0001 inch
* 5th axis B (rotary table), positioning in 0.001 degrees
* C axis (spindle) revolutions programmed directly in  RPM, spindle
  positioning in 0.1 degrees
-Built-in 1.5 GB hard disk as program memory
-BF120 10.4" colour display unit
-Qwerty alpha-numeric keyboard
-Electronic Handwheel HR 410
-RS232C serial port
-Touch probe (option) setting of workpiece datum, workpiece measuring
 in manual and automatic operation, corded or infrared transmission
-Digitizing module (option): 3D surface scanning and computing of
 machining path
-Tool touch probe (option): tool geometry measuring
*NC Programming code: Heidenhain Conversational and ISO
*Program memory: approx. 6 million NC blocks, stored
 in hard disk, unlimited number of programs
*Interpolation: Linear in 4 of 5 axes, circular in 2
 of 4 axes, helical
*Background operation: programming, editing and
 program testing while machining is in progress
*Graphic: 3D solid model or 3 plain view, simultaneous
 with machining, program test simulation
*Positioning co-ordinates: Cartesian or polar, absolute
 or incremental, metric or inch
*Co-ordinate transformation: shift, rotation, mirroring, scaling
*Canned cycles: peck drilling, pocket milling, rigid tapping (all
 with graphic support), capability to make own cycles
*Tool compensation: length and radius offset, tool wear
 compensation, tool geometry table up to 254 tools
*Parametric programming: variables, arithmetic and trigonometric
 functions, logic operations
*Pocket calculator
*Help function
*External programming: data transfer and remote operation
*Program restart: workpiece contour reapproach after
 tool breakdown
*HEIDENHAIN TNC 426P, 5+1 axes contouring control
*Set of service tools
*Set of 15 pull studs (customer to specify type)
*Coolant system attachment CHZ 110
*Anchoring material, KM 110
*Gas filling device for hydraulic accumulator
*Operation & maintenance instruction manuals
Spindle (standard)                   mm      }inch
Diameter                             112     }4.41
Taper                                ISO 50
Out travel (W)                       710     }27.95
Speed range (infinitely variable)    10-2000 RPM
         -min. speed with full power 180 RPM
Spindle (optional high spindle speed version)
Diameter                             125     }4.92
Taper                                ISO 50
Out Travel (W)                       500     }19.69
Speed range (infinitely variable)    10-2500 RPM
         -min. speed with full power 210 RPM
         -optional                   10-2800 RPM
         -min. speed with full power 240 RPM
Table and Travels
Clamping surface-length x width      62.99 x 55.12
Cross travel (X)                     2000    }78.74
Cross travel (X) optional            1600    }62.99
Longitudinal travel (Z)              1250    }49.21
Vertical travel (Y)                  1400    }55.12
Vertical travel (Y) optional         1250    }49.21
Vertical travel (Y) optional         1600    }62.99
Minimum distance table to spindle    50      }1.97
Maximum weight of workpiece          8000kg  }17620 lb.
FEEDS:                                          mm      }inch
 -axes X,Y,Z,W (infinitely variable)(per min)   1-5000  }0.04-196.85
 -rotary table                                  1-540 deg./min
Rapid traverse-all linear axes (per min)        10000   }393.70
              -rotary table (B)                 900 deg.min
Positioning of axes X,Y,Z,W                     0.001   }0.00004
Positioning of rotary table (B)                 0.0001 deg.
Main Drive                           37kW    }50 hp
Total Power installed                78kW
General Data
Dimensions -Length                   4600    }181.10
           -width                    6600    }259.84
           -height                   3850    }151.57
Weight     -standard version         21300kg }46920 lb.
           -with tool changer        22800kg }50220 lb.
Compressed air requirements-pressure 0.6MPa 85 PSI
                           -volume   18L/sec
Price:  Call 
Optional Equipment
Automatic Tool Changer              mm         }inch
Tool storage capacity               60 Tools
Maximum tool diameter-fully loaded  150        }5.90
        -adjacent locations vacant  300        }11.81
Maximum tool length                 500        }19.68
Maximum tool weight                 25kg       }55 lb.
Maximum tool weight                 750kg      }1670 lb.
Magazine pocket pitch               130        }5.12
Tool change time (average)          20 sec
  "MACHINE WITH ATC is designated as WHN 110 Q CNC"
(customer to specify type of tooling)
Number of pallets                    2
Pallet clamping surface              1250x1400 }49.21x55.11
Maximum weight of workpiece          5000kg    }11023 lb.
Clamping T slots (number/pitch/size) 11/100/22H8
Diameter of centering hole           100H6
Total exchange time (2 pallets)      85 sec
Positioning repeatability            0.02      }0.078
    ("MACHINE with APC & ATC is designated as WHN 110 MC CNC)
LD 650 Facing Head (U axis)(optional with N version only)
-For face turning, external and internal cylindrical and
 conical machining
-Feed of the slide (U axis) is derived from spindle travel
 (W axis) via a backlash free gearing at the rate of 1:1
-Feed of the slide may be programmed by calling the W axis
-Machining possible with spindle, when slide retracted and
 tool holder removed
-Can be used with ATC
Facing head diameter                 650       }25.59
Slide travel                         170       }6.69
Maximum facing head speed            150 RPM
Facing head speed with workspindle operation    500 RPM
Maximum face turning diameter        1000      }39.37
Boring diameter range                300-1000  }11.81-39.37
Accuracy (circular surface)          JT 7
Weight                               200 kg    }441
-Enables milling operations on diversely slanted surfaces parallel to
 the spindle axis without any need to reclamp the workpiece
-Rotary part of head can be set manually into any angle within
 full circle around the spindle axis
-Semi-automatic tool clamping and hydraulic release
Spindle face diameter                128.57h5
Taper                                ISO 50
Range of head's rotation             360 deg
Max permitted speed (Torque=180Nm)   1800 RPM
Max spindle torque                   1500Nm    }1105.5 ft-lb
Maximum power on spindle  -120 RPM   18kW      }24.5 hp
                          -160 RPM   24kW      }32.6 hp
                          -200 RPM   30kW      }40.8 hp
Head's drive gear rate               1:1
Weight                               130kg     }287 lb.
-Enables milling operations on tilted or orthogonal oriented surfaces
 in respect of both planes of the head's rotation
-Setting done manually by rotating the relevant part of the head
-Tool clamping done manually
Spindle face diameter                128.57h5
Taper                                ISO 50
Rotary heads                         2 x 360 deg.
Max.permitted speed (Torque=180Nm)   1800 RPM
Max. spindle torque                  1500Nm    }1105.5 ft-lb
Max. power on spindle    -120 RPM    18kW      }24.5 hp
                         -160 RPM    24kW      }32.6 hp
                         -200 RPM    30kW      }40.8 hp
Weight                               190 kg    }419 lb.
High spindle speed version (max 2500 RPM)        plus
High spindle speed version (max 2800 RPM)        plus
Decreased cross travel to 1600mm (62.99")       minus
Decreased vertical travel to 1250mm (49.21")    minus
Increased vertical travel to 1600mm (62.99")     plus
Decreased longitudinal travel to 1000mm (39.37")minus
Decreased longitudinal travel to 800mm (31.49") minus
Decreased table size 1400x1250mm (55.12x49.21") minus
Automatic tool changer with 50 pocket magazine
                       (specify type of tooling) plus
Automatic tool changer with 60 pocket magazine
                       (specify type of tooling) plus
Automatic pallet changer                         plus
Coolant through the spindle
Short guiding spindle support (std version only)
Long guiding spindle support (std version only)
Vertical milling head
Universal milling head
Universal milling head attachment (std version only)
Tool set
Swarf conveyor (worm type)
Clamping angle plate (800hx320wx500d)
Clamping angle plate (950hx500wx500d)
Clamping angle plate (1120hx320wx600d)
Clamping angle plate (1450hx500wx650d)
Clamping cube (500hx500wx530d)
Facing head
Pull stud (specify type of tooling)
"D"Andrea U Tronic facing and boring head Model
   UT 5-630 S, (630mm dia. one slide)                     T.B.A.
   c/w Camlock flange for quick clamping and tooling kit)
     *Not compatable with ATC
*Option pricing subject to change.
High Speed Version
-Any requirements to fit the high speed version with any universal
milling head it is essential to discuss it in advance with the
manufacturer, especially with respect to the milling spindle
axis distance from the headstock face.
FOUNDATION (If required)
If the machine requires a foundation, We will, upon placement
of order, supply necessary drawings to the customer so that the
foundation may be prepared and other required work done prior to
arrival of machine. The foundation is not included in the price
of the machine.
The customer is required to supply crane service, inclusive of operator;
riggers, men to unpack and clean components; and assistance in erecting and
minor shop fitting.  A satisfactory work area, power and shop air are also
required. It is the customer's responsibility to furnish necessary materials
and electricians for connecting external power source to machine.
Factory technician (s) will, with the assistance of the customer,
install the machine, and provide start-up instructions. This comprises
normal working hours & daily allowance. The total time and cost depends on
the customer's co-operation and the facilities he provides. Transportation
and accomodation of the technician (s) are not included in the price of
the machine. Any additional operator training or programming beyond
that provided for, will be an extra charge.

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